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Island Pet Cremations is a local licensed registered company formed in 2012 by Ian &
Carol Kelly, we understand that, when preparing for the heart wrenching decision to say
goodbye to your beloved pet, you may not always have all the information you need to
help you through this process. Island Pet Cremations have been working with our local
Veterinary since 2012 and we are proud of our reputation for the quality service we can
provide. We hope this page can help by providing you with some guidance at this difficult


Firstly, you should talk to your veterinary surgery, as they can discuss with you the
options, they can provide for the afterlife care of your pet. Through us they will be able to
offer you an individual cremation service (where you will receive your pet’s ashes back), or
a communal cremation service (if you prefer not to receive your pet’s ashes back). An
individual cremation service is very similar to a human cremation where your pet is
cremated by itself in a cremator chamber. With a communal cremation your pet is
cremated alongside other pets whose owners do not wish to have their ashes returned.
Your pet can be cremated with their favourite toy, blanket or other comfort item if you


Our Pricing is categorized by the weight of your pet, you can also locate the current prices on our services page.

We are also proud partners with Conister trust and able to provide finance options, should you require finance please let us know when getting in touch.


When the sad time comes that you say your goodbyes, Island Pet Cremations will collect
your beloved pet from your veterinary surgery or from your home if needed.

For the home collections we ask that you let us know when that is expected to be, if it is
planned, thinking about whether you would like some time with your pet before we
collect, we aim to collect on the day you say goodbye if possible.


Great care and respect is given during the cremation, then after the cremation your pet’s
ashes will be prepared and then placed into your chosen urn or casket. We take great care
with labelling and identification of each pet throughout the process.


We can provide an inscription on the wooden caskets, of up to 100 characters and these
are sourced from our local Crossroads Manx Workshop, whom we have supported since
we were formed.

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Beloved pets

At Island Pet Cremations, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family, so when the time comes to say goodbye it is important to honour their memory and give them a peaceful and dignified farewell.

Our team at Island Pet Cremations is committed to handling every pet with the utmost care and respect. We understand the deep bond and unconditional love between individuals and their pets.

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